Is it safe to masturbate on a daily basis?

Some parents hate the fact that their kids masturbate. But, the fact is that masturbation offers freedom from stress, it offers relaxation, and sexual intercourse like pleasure to individuals who do not have sexual partner. All boys and girls have desire for sex, some get the opportunity to enjoy sex while they are just 14, but there are several others who end-up waiting till 40.

Sexual Relationship

Masturbation is the act in which boys shag (move it up and down) their penis with their hands, while girls rub their fingers around their vagina or insert pencil, pen, dildos, vibrators, candle, etc. inside their vagina for pleasure. Most of the time, boys and girls masturbate till they reach orgasm.

Can masturbation damage your health?

As far as research and medical evidence is concerned, masturbating does not harm anyone’s health. In-fact, as mentioned earlier it satisfies one’s sexual hunger for some time, and also helps in stress release.  It does not cause mental or physical harm, unless done in the wrong manner.

Some people also masturbate their sexual partner to heat-up the moment while having sex.  Almost all young girls and boys satisfy their sexual desire by masturbating, till they find their perfect match.  Unfortunately, some people consider masturbating as crime, and they even punish their kids for masturbating and watching porn. Experts advise parents to avoid comparing masturbation with crime.

Can masturbation result in reduced sperm count?

To put it in simple words, no, masturbation cannot cause permanent reduction in sperm count.  Masturbation results in release of sperm and man may need few hours to recharge and ejaculate once again. But, this also happens in case of sexual intercourse.  After ejaculating inside woman’s vagina, man needs few hours to ejaculate once again, unless he is on drugs.  So, it won’t be wrong to say that masturbation cannot harm the sperm count.

The amount of sperm ejaculation completely depends on your mood. Some people need to watch hard-core porn to ejaculate, while some of them can also masturbate and ejaculate while watching skirt porn.

Masturbating may not prove to be harmful if done in the right way and with right speed.  Boys should apply good lubricant on their penis to avoid cuts, bruises, scratches, or any other injury. Do it slowly to enjoy it more. Girls need to be extra cautious while inserting anything in the vagina. Don’t be too fast, or allow anyone to violently insert dildo inside the soft part.

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